10 Ideas for Creative Lockdown Photography

It’s feeling like forever since the start of the global pandemic, and many of us have been locked down in our homes and local areas for quite a bit of that time. But being restricted in where you can go doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with your photography!

Here are ten ideas for things that you can do to really start pushing the boundaries of your creative imagination while remaining safe and away from other people during the pandemic!

Shoot what you eat

Food has been a real hot-topic during the pandemic. From shortages to health issues, there are lots of things that you can pick up on in your photography. Try shooting some images that tell the story of food during the pandemic. You can get started by putting a table next to a window and using some natural light to create your scenes.

Add some little people

These miniature figures from model railway suppliers can be loads of fun when you introduce them to food photography! There are endless ways to be creative with these quirky scenes made from everyday materials. All you need for the bright backgrounds is a pack of coloured paper propped up into a smooth curve.

Experiment with text and images

It’s a great time to take a look back through your photographic archives and see if there are any images that are just crying out for some text to be added to them. You could use quotes, song lyrics, or even try writing your own poetry. On this free fonts website, you’ll find lots of exciting new fonts to inspire you. Try looking through your archive to find photographs with plenty of empty space in their composition for you to place your words in the frame.

Put some flowers on ice

Spring is just around the corner and beautiful flowers will soon be in full bloom in our gardens. Try freezing some of them and then photographing them. Freezing the flowers can give amazing textures that you can’t get any other way.

Create some abstract art photography

Abstract photographs can be created very simply at home, you just need to train your brain to be more creative and see the opportunities around your own home! This grapefruit slice amongst lemons is super effective because of the use of repetitive shapes with a pop of colour.

Document family life

One positive outcome of the global pandemic for many people is the opportunity to spend more time with their families. Don’t miss the chance to document these precious moments spent together, before we all get back to our very busy lives.

Shoot a vintage camera

Vintage cameras can be picked up for very little money online, and you can still buy rolls of film to go in them. The feeling of looking down through the glass viewfinder of a medium format camera is something that all photographers should experience at some point in their lives. And if you’re feeling bold, you could try developing your own film too!

Then shoot with your phone camera!

Shooting with different kinds of cameras can be a great, creative way to create new kinds of photographs. The different format of each camera creates a different way of seeing, and can prompt you to take the kinds of images that you might never have considered before.

Take a macro lens outside

Once you take a macro lens outside and into the garden, you’ll never look back. There are thousands of photographs that you can make in even the smallest gardens! If you aren’t lucky enough to have your own garden, why not grow some beautiful houseplants on your windowsill, or take a walk to your local park?

Compile a scrapbook

It’s the perfect time to organize your photos and compile them into scrapbooks or photo books. This could mean selecting your best photos from the past year or two into a beautifully printed book, or putting your family photographs from the past into scrapbooks. How about trying both?

I do hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for staying creative during this period of lockdown. We don’t have to give up photography just because we can’t go and photograph our favourite things. Instead, it’s a good opportunity to discover new kinds of photography that we’d never thought of trying before!

Here at Photo Hacks we’d love to see what creative photography projects you’ve been tacking during lockdown, so feel free to drop a link in the comments for everyone to see!